The Best Way to Clean Out Extra Earwax

Andrea Bollini | Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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My dad is an amazing man, but golly, he sure is stubborn about his health!! 

His hearing is going and I’ve been trying to get him to start wearing hearing aids, but he keeps insisting that he’s fine. 

Now I know he’s not fine, because the smoke alarm went off in his house and he didn’t even hear it!! It took one of his neighbors literally dragging him out of bed to save his life. 

I’m so worried that if we can’t find a solution he will have to go into the nursing home, which would be awful for everyone.

Luckily, that’s when a miracle happened to me.

My mom and grandma came into town to spend the night with me, since I hadn’t seen them in a while. My daughter went to spend the night with some cousins, and my husband went to watch the game at his brother’s place, so it was just the ladies.  We decided to make a nice dinner. And we had an amazing time!

It was so incredibly wonderful to have 3 generations of women hanging out together, talking and laughing, eating and drinking. My heart was so full! Then my mom popped the question.

“So how’s everything here, hon? Seems like someone’s not as chipper as they used to be,” my mom asked.

I held back the tears that instantly came into my eyes. I really wanted to try to keep it together. I felt ridiculous to be so upset when I wasn’t even sure if there was something seriously wrong with my dad. Especially since after the divorce, he and my mom weren’t on the greatest terms. But it was really important to me, and I wanted to get it all off my chest. I decided to tell them everything.

“And he won’t even use Q-tips!!” I finished, exasperated.

“Oh, Q-tips are no good!” my mom said, “They can just push wax even further down into the ear canal and put him at risk for inflammation and infections. No wonder he hates using them, they probably really do hurt him. What he needs is a Klean Ears. It’s really the only way to go.”

My Grandma nodded, “Yep, it’s what I use for little Jamie—he has his grandpa’s nasty ears and it works like a charm.”

“Klean Ears? What is that?” I asked.

“I’ll show ya,” my mom said, and jumped up and went digging into the bag.

Then she pulled out a cute, small, thing that looked kind of like a toothbrush.

“This thing is absolutely incredible!” she said, and my grandma nodded and smiled.

“My grandma knows about this thing and I don’t? What the heck? I feel out of the loop!” I said.

My mom giggled and shrugged, “Grandma told me about it when I was starting to get swimmer’s ear from swimming at the gym. I needed a way to safely clean my ears, and she had just the thing—Grandmas are the smartest!”

My mom smiled as my grandma hugged her. I was eager to get in on the secret that the two of them had been sharing.

“So spill!” I said, “What is this amazing Klean Ears?”

“It’s a medical grade ear-cleaning device that catches the wax deep in the ear, and gently pulls it out, completely,” she said, “And I have to say, I was SHOCKED by the amount of wax I pulled out of my ears. And it really makes me feel so much more clear-headed. I bet Greg would really benefit from it. And even though I don’t live to make that man happy anymore, I know it’s important for his health.”

“Why is it so important to clean the earwax out of his ears?” I asked her, curious, “I know earwax is gross, but why is everyone using this thing? Should I use it, too??”

“Well, this is how my doctor explained it,” my mom said, “Built-up earwax blocks the ear canal, making it harder and harder to hear. When we struggle to hear, our brain has to work harder to understand the sounds. It’s like breathing underwater through a straw—not exactly easy! When the wax is cleared out, and the hearing is re-vitalized, the brain doesn’t have to struggle as much.”

“Whoa!” I said, “I had no idea that earwax was such a problem!”

“Believe me, when I started using the Klean Ears, I felt about a decade younger,” my mom said proudly.

“I really wouldn’t be surprised if the Klean Ears makes all the difference for Greg and his hearing,” my mom told me, “Sounds like he just can’t hear very well, but he should definitely take care of his wax before he starts looking into expensive hearing aids.”

“Yeah,” my grandma chirped in, “Sounds like Greg really needs this. He’s a dog but even dogs deserve to hear well!”

“Can I get it at Walmart?” I asked.

“Nope, make sure to get the real thing online,” my mom said, “There are imitation devices that make the wax even worse, like Q-tips, so make sure to get Klean Ears.”

“Okay!” I said, and pulled it up on my phone right then and there. Why wait?

And holy smokes—there were 8,298 5-star reviews!

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

I always felt like my ears were clogged up. My husband just thought I couldn’t hear anything to begin with. Luckily, I came across the Klean Ears and decided to give it a shot and WOW did it work like a charm!

One of my best purchases this year

LOVE this thing! I can’t believe how good it actually feels compared to q-tips or gross earwax candles. This thing has saved me AT LEAST two to three trips to the doctor for professional draining.

Does the job… literally.

My dad seemed to be losing his mind, so a friend recommended he clean his ears regularly with one of these. Within a month, the difference in his cognitive ability was clear as day. It’s refreshing to see him get back to his old ways. Thanks Klean Ears!

And with a money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose!

I decided to order Klean Ears right away. But when I clicked through, they were SOLD OUT!

“Don’t worry too much, sweetie,” my Mom said, “They’re always in and out of stock since they’ve become so popular. I would just keep checking back and order one as soon as they come back in stock.”

We spent the rest of the night away, laughing and joking. Now that I knew there might be a solution for my dad’s crazy earwax, I felt a lot lighter.

I kept checking the website like my Mom said, and sure enough, they were back in stock a couple days later.

I didn’t wait! I ordered three Klean Ears right away. I figured I could use one, too—never too soon to take care of my hearing and mental hygiene! Plus, maybe this was the thing that would finally help my husband, too. I felt relief flood through my whole body when I pushed the BUY NOW button, and saw my confirmation email.

I was happy to see that our Klean Ears were on their way!

Could this little thing really make such a big difference in me and my family’s life?

Long story short, it did!

I decided to try it on myself, first.

I was kind of scared when I first started using it. After hearing what the doctor said about impounded earwax, I didn’t want to pack mine in! But like he said, the Klean Ears seemed to easily and painlessly glide into my ear. It tickled a tiny bit, but was pretty much painless.

When I slowly pulled it back out, it felt really weirdly satisfying, like picking my nose and getting a BIG one. Not that I pick my nose of course! But, it felt like that.

And when I looked at the wax, I swear I could have almost fainted. There was SO MUCH!! How the heck all of that came out of my little ear, I had no idea. It was nasty!! But, as they say—better out than in!

And I have to say—I IMMEDIATELY felt so much better. It was honestly like my mom said—it felt like my brain was breathing fresh air, instead of through a straw. I didn’t even know I had wax problems! I couldn’t wait to see how it worked for my dad and my husband.

And sure enough—it was amazing!! It was so easy to use that they had no problem. And if I thought there was a lot of wax in my ears—oooh BOY, their ears were full of it! It was honestly like a rushing river of earwax. Nasty, but also satisfying to see that the earwax that was hurting my family was getting out of their lives for good.

A month after starting to use the Ear Wax catcher, my dad seems happier and fresher than he had in years! He’s not in pain anymore from his built-up earwax anymore, and it shows! His hearing has improved so much, along with his mood.

My husband seems so much perkier, too! He’s so much more like the man he was when I first met him, and our love life has gone back to the honeymoon phase. It’s a real-life miracle!

And as for me, even a couple weeks later, I felt amazing!! But I used the Klean Ears again just in case—I didn’t want another buildup like I had before. Once again, I was SHOCKED by how much came out—my ears had felt totally clean before I used the Klean Ears. But, it still managed to dig deep and clean it all out. I felt even cleaner than the first time I used it!

Now, a couple months later, I swear by the Klean Ears. My head hasn’t felt so clear in years, and I even feel like I have more energy! 

I wanted to share our story, so other people out there know that getting older doesn’t mean getting sicker. We can still be sharp, vital, and energetic in our golden years, thanks to handy devices like the Klean Ears!

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