Doctors Warn: “STOP Using Q-Tips immediately. And use this instead …”

Dementia and hearing loss from Q-Tips?! Doctors say that’s just the beginning of the damage you can do.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024| By Amy Johnson


Between 1990 and 2010, an estimated 260,000 children visited U.S. emergency rooms with cotton-tip applicator (Q-Tip) injuries, according to an article published in Pediatrics.  And that’s just kids.  Thousands more adults are harmed each year as well.


Most people have felt the pain of a Q-Tip pushed too far into their ear.  Ironically, Q-Tips aren’t even meant for removing earwax from ears. Instead of helping, they only push it further in, packing it in until it’s hardened and blocking your ear canal.  In fact, it says right on the box, “Do Not Insert Into Ear Canal.”


Doing this, earwax can become so packed that people develop hearing loss problems. Or, they can damage or even puncture the eardrum, requiring surgery to fix it. Even worse doctors report studies linking earwax buildup to dementia.


That’s right, since the inner ear is responsible for important functions like balance and hearing, the brain becomes overtaxed when trying to compensate for impacted eardrums, leading to early dementia.


That’s why it’s especially important for seniors to have earwax removed regularly, as it too often goes unnoticed, leading to hearing-related problems, or worse.


To date, besides the popular, but dangerous, Q-Tip, there are few other options.  One is a professional ear-cleaning tool that doctors use, that pumps warm water into your ears, which works well, but with a significant mess, and requires an expensive visit to the doctor.


That’s why, seeing an urgent need, without a good solution, one company set out to solve the dirty ear problem for everyone. They developed a product called Klean Ears. Which, instead of pushing wax into the inner ear, like a Q-Tip, it easily and painlessly grips it and pulls it out.


Now, Klean Ears has gone viral as the very best solution for removing ear wax.  It was specifically designed for ear wax removal and looks like a soft corkscrew. Users simply twist the flexible, soft ends into the ear and then pull the wax out. And, when you’re done, the disposable head pops off into the garbage with the press of a button.


And the safest part is: It can’t go too far into the ear, because it’s designed to only go in so far, so it can’t cause damage or irritation.


Ever since Klean Ears have been introduced, more and more people have been ditching their old cotton swabs and choosing this better way to clean their ears. Countless people are switching over to this innovative product that grips and pulls earwax right out of their ear.


Which also means millions of people are avoiding hearing blockages, hearing loss and infection simply by switching over to Klean Ears.  And they are often surprised at how much wax they are pulling out of their ears.


So it’s no wonder that since its debut, Klean Ears has been selling out almost as soon as it gets in stock.

This is due to the amazing reviews and people sharing on social media.


Klean Ears has quicky developed a devoted following. With many customer reviews like these:


“I have a bad habit to pick out my ear wax every two or three days with cotton swabs. Though I know this is bad, I can’t control myself. When I feel an itch in my ears, I do it. Then I bought KleanEars, which is professional, durable and easy to clean. Exactly what I’m looking for.” – Harold Torres


“I’m a musician and sometime my ears clog up with wax, and I can’t hear the monitors or use earbuds. For years I’ve tried liquid solutions, or laying on the bed upside down. KleanEars removed it within seconds. It doesn’t go as deep as my doctor does v… but it pulls it out within its safe area and it soft and painless. Great idea that works!”  – Frank Jackson


 “The silicone tips are soft and don’t hurt my ears, just the right size to do the job. And I was able to get a lot of earwax out without going too far and injuring my eardrum, or even poking the wax farther into my ear.” – Dorothy Collins


 “I got these for my dad, who has excessive ear wax and is starting to show some signs of dementia. He said he feels more comfortable after using it, and I can definitely tell that his hearing and awareness has improved.”

– Tina Cooper


Ear, nose and throat doctor, Dr. Clint Osmer, said, “Most people don’t know that the way we were taught to clean our ears is wrong. Because they see some wax on their cotton swab, they think they’re getting it out of the ear. But, they’re really pushing the wax further into the ear, which can cause discomfort, hearing loss, infection or a ringing sensation in the ear. Klean Ears is the best product I’ve seen to safely and effectively remove earwax without causing damage. I recommend it to all my patients.“


How to get Klean Ears:


Ever since the Klean Ears were featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. And now, due to its popularity, Klean Ears is experiencing a high amount of orders and is constantly selling out of stock.


To see if they are still available, visit the official website by clicking on the green button below. But beware: There have been many fake websites and fake amazon sellers popping up, selling knock-off Klean Ears.


The Klean Ears  website is currently offering a 2-for-1 deal.

The Klean Ears official website is doing a buy one get one sale for the next 24 hours. After seeing that, I have to let you know, that everybody who uses cotton swabs should immediately toss them in the garbage and order The Klean Ears, they’re just that good. Take it from me, using them is one of the best feelings in the world.

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Georgeann Genna

I swear I pull out at least a few pounds of earwax every other day with this thing. Can't believe how much builds up in there

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Erika Medie

I've dealt with excess earwax all my life. I'm someone who's 'blessed' to have high earwax production. This thing is one of the best investments I could've ever made into my ear hygiene. Thanks Klean Ears!

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Clay Matthew Pirtle

Showed up within a few days of ordering, felt pretty good compared to other cleaning methods I've tried. Would recommend

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Cheryl Rackers

I ordered a couple of these to try for the family. They all love them, and sometimes we even have a contest to see who can pull out the most earwax XD

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Martin Fraley

My ears haven't felt this good in years!

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Laura Sylvia

This actually works, and its way better than using those q-tips. Those things will only push earwax further down the ear

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Betty Sylvester

Came highly recommended to me by a friend! Absolutely love it

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Ashley Anita

It was actually surprising how much earwax I found inside my ears. Thanks to this device I can finally sleep easy knowing my ears are always clean!

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Brad Morgan

Helped me get my hearing back in no time!

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