How to Clear Out Earwax for Total Health

Tuesday, April 16, 2024| By Amy Johnson

My grandma told us all that she’s dying.

Thing is, she’s not really. She’s honestly kind of a drama queen.

She’s perfectly healthy, in many ways, for a senior.

She does most things right when it comes to taking care of herself: she walks every day, does the crossword puzzle, and eats and drinks plenty of antioxidants.

So– how could she be dying?

Well, she says she’s dying of loneliness, because nobody ever calls her.

There’s just one problem with that– we call her all the time, and she just never answers! And she can’t figure out how to check for missed calls.

So whenever she tells us that we’re not calling her enough and we tell her “That’s not true,” she thinks we’re just lying to her, or hacking her phone to put the missed calls in there.

It’s making her golden years sour, and it’s making me so sad.

Plus, I’m scared. If my grandma can’t figure out how to use her phone, it’s really dangerous for her to be alone.

I heard one of my other cousins talking about it and she said that it was probably time for grandma to go into the nursing home, but I’ve heard so many horrible things about those places. There’s so much illness and sickness and, and to be surrounded by all these strangers not even her own family.

It would be so sad for her to spend her golden years like that.

I knew that I was going to have to find a way to help my grandma use her phone. I figured it must have been some issue with her ears because she’d never even heard her phone rang and I always made sure that it was on as loud as possible anytime I went over there.

But other than turning up her phone or trying to get her to get hearing aids. I couldn’t figure out what else to do.

That’s when I got the answer to all the problems from a surprising source.

I was talking to my boyfriend about how scared I was for my Grandma, when he made an amazing suggestion.

“Maybe it’s time for a specialist,” Jack told me, “My buddy from college is an audiologist, I’m sure he’d have some insight and maybe a new solution.”

And Jack was right! His friend, Dr. Henry L. Innerton generously agreed to a call with me after his closing hours the very next day. My goshdarn Grandma was too stubborn to go on the call but I was happy to do it anyway.

Of course, Dr. Henry L. Innerton started talking about the scariest consequences first—how my grandma’s hearing could be affecting her brain.

“It’s a good idea to take care of these problems as early as possible,” Dr. Innerton explained, “Because there’s actually a connection between earwax buildup and senility. I learned about it in med school, but it didn’t really hit home for me until my own mother started losing her hearing and her mind.”

“Oh my goodness!” I said, terrified, “How does that happen?”

“It’s because of the close connection between all parts of the human head,” Dr. Innerton explained, “When there’s built-up earwax blockage, called cerumen impaction, it can cause disorientation of the inner ear, which leads to balance problems and vertigo, as well as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and even partial hearing loss.”

He went on…

“When the brain has to deal with all of these problems, it makes it harder to complete its normal functions. There’s only so heavy of a cognitive load a brain can take.”

“What caused this? Why is it so bad?” I wondered.

“A major earwax buildup is often associated with impacted eardrums, which can be caused by something like Q-tips, pushing wax in deeper instead of pulling it out,” Dr. Innerton said, “Anything that doesn’t properly clean out the ears, and leaves old wax behind, is a problem.”

Images of my Grandma “digging for gold” filled my head. This was not good. I was terrified!

“What can we do?” I asked Dr. Innerton, “My grandma has been using Q-tips for years, and now I can see why they don’t work. Is it too late?”

I felt so afraid. What would I do if my Grandma lost her mind, her memory, her sense of self? Would it be time for the nursing home after all?

“It’s not too late,” Dr. Innerton said, “And there are 2 options…”

“The first one is to go to a specialist, and audiologist like me,” Dr. Innerton said, “I would manually use tools to soften the earwax, then remove it. Since it’s an elective procedure., it costs around $400 out of pocket, but could be more, depending where someone lives. This procedure would need to be done every 2 months or so.”

I gasped. How could we afford that?? And what a pain in the butt to go to the doctor every 2 months.

So I had to ask, “There’s another option, right?”

“Yep, and I personally think the other option is much better,” Dr. Innerton said, “It’s an in-home solution, so no need for frequent doctor visits, which can actually put us more at risk. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost of one cleaning visit, for years of clean ears. I recommend it to all of my patients.”

“What is it?!” I pretty much yelled.

Dr. Innerton chuckled and told me something lifechanging…

“The other option is an Klean Ears, and it’s amazing,” Dr. Innerton said, “It’s an affordable, medical-grade earwax removal tool that’s safe for everyone, even children.”

“Would something like that really work for my Grandma? Her earwax must be extra nasty,” I said.

“I’ve never known it not to work,” he said, “It’s the most effective earwax removal tool on the market. And it’s available online, so it’s easy for anyone to get it.”

I decided to look up the Klean Ears online while I was talking to him, and then I frowned and sighed. I couldn’t believe a doctor was trying to sell me this nonsense!

“We’ve already tried this thing!” I told him, “It didn’t work any better than anything else.”

“I don’t think so,” Dr. Innerton replied, “A person using Klean Ears wouldn’t be having the problems that I’ve been hearing about. Unfortunately, there are some cheap knock-off versions from China that scammers sell sometimes before they get shut down. But the Klean Ears has specialized tips that we can’t find on any other product—unless we’re talking about the medical devices I have in my office, of course.”

I decided to take a closer look at the Klean Ears on my screen. Upon a second look, I could pretty easily tell that these cleaning tips actually were different than the ones we’d tried before. Dr. Innerton was right!

I thanked him and got off the phone to do some more research online.

And I have to say, I was stunned by the reviews I was seeing.

12,335 5-star reviews!!

When I saw the price, I couldn’t believe it. Could something so cheap really make such a big difference in my Grandma’s nasty earwax? Well, I might have been crazy, but I decided to trust Dr. Innerton’s advice, and order it right away.

With a money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose, anyway!

As soon as the Klean Ears arrived, I decided to try it out on myself first. I read the instructions (super simple!) and got to work. I was SHOCKED by how great it felt! And believe me, way more junk came out than I even thought could fit in my little ears.

Now it was time for the real test—my Grandma.

I got a fresh clean tip on it, and handed it to her. I told her she HAD to at least try it.

She rolled her eyes, but she took it from me and started using it anyway.

I smiled as the look on her face went from annoyance to relaxation, like how I look when I’m getting a foot massage.

When he was done, she actually even looked younger and fresher than she had for a long time. The sparkle in her eyes was back!

“I feel so clear-headed now,” she said, “No more ringing in my ears, and I don’t feel like I’m hearing everything from under water! Thanks sweetheart!”

Ever since the Klean Ears came into our lives, my Grandma’s mood improved a lot, and he was much less stubborn. She’s got great hearing, no tinnitus, and most importantly, no more headaches or pain.

Best of all—she answers the phone when it rings, and has even figured out how to use it for herself. Now she really feels the love the family had for her all along. I felt so grateful to be able to help suck a wonderful lady.

I think anyone and everyone should have an Klean Ears for themselves. It’s time to quit using dangerous devices and techniques on our most sensitive and precious parts. I definitely want my golden years to stay golden—and not get all rusty with earwax and senility.

Clearing out earwax is so important for other seniors who want to stay sharp in their old age.

The Klean Ears is easily the best money we’ve ever spent—medical-grade cleanliness for pennies on the dollar, not to mention all we saved on hospital bills.

I wanted to share our story, so other seniors know how important it is to take care of earwax, and that there’s an easy way to handle it!

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Georgeann Genna

I swear I pull out at least a few pounds of earwax every other day with this thing. Can't believe how much builds up in there

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Erika Medie

I've dealt with excess earwax all my life. I'm someone who's 'blessed' to have high earwax production. This thing is one of the best investments I could've ever made into my ear hygiene. Thanks Klean Ears!

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Clay Matthew Pirtle

Showed up within a few days of ordering, felt pretty good compared to other cleaning methods I've tried. Would recommend

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Cheryl Rackers

I ordered a couple of these to try for the family. They all love them, and sometimes we even have a contest to see who can pull out the most earwax XD

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Martin Fraley

My ears haven't felt this good in years!

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Laura Sylvia

This actually works, and its way better than using those q-tips. Those things will only push earwax further down the ear

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Betty Sylvester

Came highly recommended to me by a friend! Absolutely love it

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Ashley Anita

It was actually surprising how much earwax I found inside my ears. Thanks to this device I can finally sleep easy knowing my ears are always clean!

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Brad Morgan

Helped me get my hearing back in no time!

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