How to Clear Out Earwax for Total Health

Tuesday, April 16, 2024| By Amy Johnson

There’s some things that they forget to tell us about becoming older.

One of those things is the fact that we start sprouting hair in places no hair should grow.

Personally, I’m talking about my ears. I started growing ear hair like weed a few years ago. At first it wasn’t a major problem, I’d trim it and wouldn’t be so bad.

But then my ear wax also started to increase.

They never tell  say, oh, old people, “So much ear wax.”

They only talk about aching joints and hair loss. No one says nothing about waxy hairy ears.

But I was finding that my ears were becoming more and more difficult to clean.

Along with it, my hearing was going down the drain, right along with my brain. Yeah, that’s right my brain. It seems the more wax I had the fewer thoughts I could fit in my mind.

I knew I really needed to find a solution when my ear hair and my ear wax all got tangled up. So tangled up I had to have my wife cut it out with scissors. It was a dangerous stupid thing to have to do, I know I should have just gone to the doctor but the doctor is expensive and a pain.

Instead, resolved I would figure out a different solution to my earwax problem once and for all – a solution that wouldn’t cost me 1000s.

I tried every product I could get my hands on – q-tips, paperclips, earwax candles, fancy internet devices, even olive oil and hydrogen peroxide. Most products didn’t help and a few actually made my problem worse.

One day I was chatting with my brother about it and he said, “Y’all should speak to my old buddy from college, he’s an audiologist.”

Well, Dr.Steven J. Smith, very kindly agreed to do a call with me after closing hours.

Right away, he started talking about how my hearing was probably effecting my brain.

Dr.Steven J. Smith explained, “good thing to get this problem taken care of early, because there is indeed a strong connection between cognitive decline and earwax buildup. I learned about it in med school but it was really nailed home for me when my own mom started to lose her hearing and her mind..”

I gasped, “Really? How could that be?”

“Well, it’s because everything in the human head is connected,” Dr.Steven J. Smith explained, “Earwax buildup can cause disorientation of the inner-ear, which controls balance in addition to hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). This leads to vertigo, falls, and other mishaps.”

He sounded concerned as he went on, “These troubles increase the cognitive load on the human brain which makes it more difficult for the brain to function normally and can lead to cognitive decline—and it happens faster than any of us would like to admit.”

“What is the cause?” I asked him, praying that I would be able to do something about it.

“The major buildup of earwax is often caused by impacted eardrums, which in turn can be caused by something so simple as using q-tips,” Dr.Steven J. Smith explained, “Q-tips actually just push the earwax deeper, instead of cleaning the ears out at all.”

I was so scared! “Is there anything I can do? I have been using Q-tips for years…”

It was the ultimate nightmare to lose my mind, my memory, and my sense of self…

“Well, there are two options,” Dr.Steven J. Smith said,

“One: go to an audiologist like me. I would manually use tools to soften and remove the earwax. The procedure costs about $300 out of pocket, and needs to be done every 2 months.”

My stomach dropped to the floor. No way I could afford that! And every 2 months—what a pain!

“What’s the other option?” I asked.

Dr.Steven J. Smith chuckled, “Well,  I think the other option is better, personally, because it’s cheaper, and an in-home solution, so there’s no need for such frequent doctor visits. It’s what I recommend to all my patients”

“Tell me please!” I practically shouted, then got red with embarrassment.

The doctor laughed again, and told me the news that would change my life.

“I recommend buying a Klean Ears right away,” he said, “It’s an extremely affordable, medical grade earwax tool that is safe to use on anyone’s ears—it’s even gentle enough to use on children.”

“Would that really work for me?” I asked.

“Yes, I believe it will,” Dr.Steven J. Smith said, “It’s safer and even more effective at removing earwax than anything else on the market. And it can be bought online, so it’s easy to get, also.”

I pulled up the Klean Ears on my phone right away, then frowned skeptically. I couldn’t believe I had almost fallen for this doctor.

“I’ve already tried this product!” I told him.

“I doubt it,” he replied, “Anyone who is using the Klean Ears wouldn’t need to talk to me about her ears right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if ya accidentally bought a cheap knock-off version. I remember seeing a lot of scammers selling an inferior product, with tips that didn’t work at pulling out the wax nearly as well as the Klean Ears.”

When I pulled up my computer and looked at the pictures, I could see that Dr.Steven J. Smith was right. The tips on the Klean Ears DID look a bit different than the product we used before.

I decided to do some more research after we ended the call.

I was shocked by the reviews.

Here were a couple that stood out:

And when I saw how cheap it was, I had some trouble believing something so affordable could work so well. But, call me crazy, but I trusted Dr.Steven J. Smith, so I decided to order it right away.

I figured, with a money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose!

The second it arrived, I read the instructions (they were so easy!) and immediately got to cleaning out my ear. I couldn’t believe how GREAT it felt!! More junk came out than I even thought could fit in there.

Now, I finally feel clean instead of stuffy, there’s no more ringing in my ears, and I can hear PERFECTLY for the first time in months!

After that, I felt in a much better mood. My hearing was back, my headaches were gone, and no more tinnitus.

I have plenty of energy, I can understand better, I’m not as forgetful, and best of all, it is easier to keep my ears hair-free.

I recommend the Klean Ears to anyone and everyone. Stop using dangerous methods on sensitive body parts, and make sure the golden years stay golden—without being dirtied with earwax and senility.

It’s so important for other seniors like me, who want to stay sharp in our old age!

The Klean Ears is the best money I have ever spent in my life—not to mention we’ve saved thousands by never having to go to a specialist again!

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Georgeann Genna

I swear I pull out at least a few pounds of earwax every other day with this thing. Can't believe how much builds up in there

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Erika Medie

I've dealt with excess earwax all my life. I'm someone who's 'blessed' to have high earwax production. This thing is one of the best investments I could've ever made into my ear hygiene. Thanks Klean Ears!

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Clay Matthew Pirtle

Showed up within a few days of ordering, felt pretty good compared to other cleaning methods I've tried. Would recommend

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Cheryl Rackers

I ordered a couple of these to try for the family. They all love them, and sometimes we even have a contest to see who can pull out the most earwax XD

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Martin Fraley

My ears haven't felt this good in years!

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Laura Sylvia

This actually works, and its way better than using those q-tips. Those things will only push earwax further down the ear

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Betty Sylvester

Came highly recommended to me by a friend! Absolutely love it

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Ashley Anita

It was actually surprising how much earwax I found inside my ears. Thanks to this device I can finally sleep easy knowing my ears are always clean!

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Brad Morgan

Helped me get my hearing back in no time!

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