How to Easily Rid the Ears of Excess Earwax

Samantha Georgeson | Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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Sad to say, but my mom was losing it.

She had always been kind of a kooky lady, if I’m being honest. She’s the kind of woman who goes ga-ga for crystals, is always burning incense and thinks that kimonos are real outfits. I don’t blame her though! She lost my father while she was pregnant with me, her youngest child, and somehow managed to raise all 4 of us on her own.

So, when she decided to let loose in her golden years, and really enjoy her retirement, who was going to stop her? She became more obsessed with holistic medicine, and channeling her energy and vibrations. She still went to church every Sunday, but she said that God spoke to her through everything.

Not my cup of tea, but like I said, I couldn’t judge her! Whatever made her happy, I guess!

But as she got kookier, there were some things that were kind of starting to cross the line. She insisted on wearing kimonos to our holiday gatherings, and always seemed to have young boyfriends (even around my age!) that she was bringing around.

But it was once the police got involved that we knew that we would have to do something.

See, turned out, my mom had picked up a habit that was not only weird to her, it was weird to her neighbors.

I’m kind of embarrassed to even say it, but… sigh. She had gotten into the habit of gardening naked.

And I don’t mean in a skimpy outfit. I mean that she was gardening in her birthday suit, in what she was born in. Well… I guess that’s not TOTALLY true. She did wear gardening boots. But from the ankles up, naked as the day she was born.

This habit would have been one thing if she had a lot of privacy in her garden, but her neighbors lived pretty much on top of her. And turns out, not every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanted to be living on top of a naked senior lady, no matter how nice she may be.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything about this until I got called to the hospital, by a police detective. I was so scared!! I thought my mom must have been in a terrible accident. I RUSHED down there.

And it turns out, it was no accident. And she was even arguing with the police!

“It’s MY OWN PROPERTY, I can do what I want!!” she screeched like a crazy old witch.

What the heck was going on here? I thought.

Then the police detective told me everything.

Oh, no. I knew that my mom was getting more and more out of hand, but I didn’t want her to go to jail!! And given how bad things had gotten lately, I was starting to feel like we only had one thing left to try—the nursing home. It was a bad choice, but at least it would be better than prison. At least, a LITTLE bit better than prison.

But I decided that there had to be one more thing to try. Before I would sentence my beloved mother to living the rest of her days alone in a crusty nursing home, I decided to talk to the doctor, to see if he had any insight.

“Well, I have to say, it’s a good thing that Maggie here has a daughter who takes such good care of her,” Dr. Killian said, “The problem here is bad, but if she had waited much longer, it would have been so much worse.”

“Oh no!! Well I’m glad we came in,” I said, while mom nodded away, not seeming to pay attention at all, “What is the problem?”

“It might sound funny, but it’s her brain,” Dr. Killian told us.

“Her brain? Is she officially going crazy?” I asked, so confused.

“It seems like she has some very early onset cognitive decline which is typical as we age but there are clear steps she can take to prevent it from getting worse! She needs to be active everyday, read at least 20 minutes, drink coffee for the antioxidants and make sure that she cleans her ears,” Dr. Killian explained.

“All the other stuff makes sense but cleaning her ears?!”

“Well, it’s more common than we would like to admit, but ear hygiene often falls to the wayside as we get older,” Dr. Killian said, “And while some people might think it’s just gross to have waxy ears, it’s actually very dangerous for health—waxy ears can lead to temporary partial deafness, and even early-onset cognitive decline. The quality of life drastically decreases once these conditions take root in a senior.”

“Whoa! How could losing her hearing contribute to cognitive decline?” I asked, starting to get really worried.

Dr. Killian smiled gently, “Don’t worry, Maggie isn’t in a state of permanent damage yet, but it is good to know what could happen if her earwax is left unchecked. As for the deafness—long-term ear wax buildup that becomes impacted is called a cerumen impaction, where the wax actually blocks the ear canal. This medical condition can cause inflammation, infection, and even ruptures that can’t be repaired, even after the wax gets cleaned out.”

“Jeez, I had no idea!” I told him.

He nodded, “And in my opinion, that’s not even the worst part. The worst is the effect that these kinds of impactions and infections can have on the brain. For me, it’s the scariest senior disease, and one that I will personally avoid at all costs.”

“How is it that earwax gives seniors cognitive decline?” I asked.

“If an ear has too much wax, the brain is working overdrive to interpret the sounds. Imagine being underwater, and trying to breathe only through a straw—that’s how the brain feels when it’s trying to hear the world through a waxy ear,” he explained, “And like the person stuck under water, the brain can only concentrate on the most vital functions so “extra” brain activity, like recall, social behavior, and memories are completely forgotten.”

“Whoa!! I had no idea that earwax is so hard on the brain!” I said.

Dr. Killian nodded, “Many people don’t! And the big problem is that once the brain gets starved like that for a while, the muscle memory and neural pathways can be really hard to recover.”

“Oh my goodness!! Please, tell me it’s not too late for my Mom!!” I begged the doctor.

Dr. Killian smiled, leaned over, took my hand into his warm dry hand and looked me in the eye, “It’s not too late for Maggie. Luckily, she has a family who loves her and who brought her in before any of this earwax caused irreversible damage.”

I breathed out a big sigh of relief. Dr. Killian had such a warm and comforting presence, and I felt better already, knowing that it wasn’t too late to help my Mom.

“So, what do we need to do to get my Mom healthy again?” I asked.

“Well, there are a couple of options,” Dr. Killian said, “The one that some other doctors would recommend—as long as the family can afford it—is to do quarterly professional ear cleanings in an ENT doctor’s office. This would cost about $600 out of pocket, or more, depending on insurance.”

“Gosh, that’s pricey!!” I said, “I’m not sure how we could handle that, since my mom’s on a fixed income.”

Dr. Killian nodded, understanding, “And there’s another reason I don’t like that option—it means bringing an otherwise healthy patient into medical facilities, and depends on the patient and her family to make sure they never miss an appointment. Easier said than done in this day and age.”

“Well, is there another way?” I asked, starting to get worried again.

“Luckily, there is,” Dr. Killian said, “It’s a new and improved product that has recently been optimized to medical-grade, that anyone can order from the comfort of their own homes, and even better—use in the comfort of their own homes.”

“That sounds perfect!” I said, “What is it?”

“It’s called the Klean Ears, and it’s a really astonishing product,” Dr. Killian said, “I’ve seen plenty of ear-cleaners come and go, but nothing like this. It does just what the name says—it gently catches and pulls out the excess wax in the ears.”

“Is it that much better than Q-tips?” I asked.

“Oh my dear, SO much better! I don’t recommend ANYONE use Q-tips to clean their ears—they’re much more likely to push wax in and become impounded, making the problems even worse. The Klean Ears instead gently penetrates deep in the ear with one motion, and pulls out all of the earwax with another, with no risk of pushing wax in or damaging the ear. It’s really a revolution in at-home hygiene,” Dr. Killian told me.

“Wow, okay, that sounds like just the ticket!” I said, but then something popped into my mind..

“Is it expensive?” I asked, praying that we could afford it.

“Not at all!! For less than the cost of a steak dinner, Maggie will have a device that will keep her ears clear for the rest of her life!” Dr. Killian smiled.

Wow!! I was so happy to hear that we had a solution in our sights!

As soon as we got home, I looked up Klean Ears online right away. I wanted to see what other people were saying about Klean Ears.

And I was amazed!

There were 9,122 5-star reviews!

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

I always felt like my ears were clogged up. My husband just thought I couldn’t hear anything to begin with. Luckily, I came across the Klean Ears and decided to give it a shot and WOW did it work like a charm!

One of my best purchases this year

LOVE this thing! I can’t believe how good it actually feels compared to q-tips or gross earwax candles. This thing has saved me AT LEAST two to three trips to the doctor for professional draining.

Does the job… literally.

My dad seemed to be losing his mind, so a friend recommended he clean his ears regularly with one of these. Within a month, the difference in his cognitive ability was clear as day. It’s refreshing to see him get back to his old ways. Thanks Klean Ears!

When I saw there was a money-back guarantee, I knew I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I decided to order an Klean Ears right away.

But when I clicked the BUY NOW button, they were SOLD OUT!! My heart dropped, but I was determined. Now that I had a solution for my Mom in my sights, there was no way I was going to give up.

I checked back the next couple of days until the Klean Ears was back in stock. Once again, I clicked the BUY NOW button—this time, I clicked so fast that it made my fingers burn! I felt such a great sense of relief wash over me when I got my confirmation email. My Mom’s Klean Ears was on its way!

When it arrived, I was surprised. I thought it would be this weird looking and bulky medical device, but it was compact and cute, almost like an electric toothbrush. Could this little thing really make such a big difference in my mom’s life?

Long story short, it did!

I decided to try it on myself, first.

I was kind of scared when I first started using it. After hearing what the doctor said about impounded earwax, I didn’t want to pack mine in! But like he said, the Klean Ears seemed to easily and painlessly glide into my ear. It tickled a tiny bit, but was pretty much painless.

When I slowly pulled it back out, it felt really weirdly satisfying, like picking my nose and getting a BIG one. Not that I pick my nose of course! But, it felt like that.

And when I looked at the wax, I swear I could have almost fainted. There was SO MUCH!! How the heck all of that came out of my little ear, I had no idea. It was nasty!! But, as they say—better out than in!

And I have to say—I IMMEDIATELY felt so much better. It was honestly like the doctor said—it felt like my brain was breathing fresh air, instead of through a straw. I didn’t even know I had wax problems! I couldn’t wait to see how it worked for my mom.

And sure enough—it was amazing!! It was so easy to use, that she had no problem. And if I though there was a lot of wax in my ears—oooh BOY, her ears were full of it! It was honestly like a river of earwax. Nasty, but also satisfying to see that the earwax that was hurting my Mom was getting out of his life for good.

A month after starting to use the Ear Wax catcher, my Mom seems younger and fresher than she has in years! Who knew that hygiene could make such a big difference for seniors? But I guess if something was dirty and problematic for years, cleaning it out would feel like a new lease on life.

Now, after just a few months of cleaning out her built-up earwax, my mom is sharp as a tack, and she doesn’t miss a thing anymore. She still loves her crystals and talks about energy vibrations more than the average bear, but that’s the mom I know and love. Best of all—now she gardens in a kimono (most of the time), and the neighbors are happy as clams!

And as for me, even a couple weeks later, I felt amazing!! But I used the Klean Ears again just in case—I didn’t want another buildup like I had before. once again, I was SHOCKED by how much came out—my ears had felt totally clean before I used the Klean Ears. But, it still managed to dig deep and clean it all out. I felt even cleaner than the first time I used it!

Now, a couple months later, I swear by the Klean Ears. My head hasn’t felt so clear in years, and I even feel like I have more energy!

I wanted to share our story, so other people out there know that getting older doesn’t mean getting sicker. We can still be sharp, vital, and energetic in our golden years, thanks to handy devices like the Klean Ears!

To see if they are still available and in stock, click on the button below.

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Georgeann Genna
I swear I pull out at least a few pounds of earwax every other day with this thing. Can't believe how much builds up in there
Like · Reply · 38 · 18 Minutes
Erika Medie
I've dealt with excess earwax all my life. I'm someone who's 'blessed' to have high earwax production. This thing is one of the best investments I could've ever made into my ear hygiene. Thanks Klean Ears!
Like · Reply · 32 · 2 Hours
Clay Matthew Pirtle
Showed up within a few days of ordering, felt pretty good compared to other cleaning methods I've tried. Would recommend
Like · Reply · 43 · 4 Hours
Cheryl Rackers
I ordered a couple of these to try for the family. They all love them, and sometimes we even have a contest to see who can pull out the most earwax XD
Like · Reply · 22 · 7 Hours
Martin Fraley
My ears haven't felt this good in years!
Like · Reply · 18 · 9 Hours
Laura Sylvia
This actually works, and its way better than using those q-tips. Those things will only push earwax further down the ear
Like · Reply · 34 · 15 Hours
Betty Sylvester
Came highly recommended to me by a friend! Absolutely love it
Like · Reply · 24 · 1 Day
Ashley Anita
It was actually surprising how much earwax I found inside my ears. Thanks to this device I can finally sleep easy knowing my ears are always clean!
Like · Reply · 28 · 1 Day
Brad Morgan
Helped me get my hearing back in no time!
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