I have to admit something, and it’s a little embarrassing…

You see, until recently, I had a problem with earwax. And not a “small” problem, either. It was a large, gross, disgusting problem.

You see, ever since I was little, I’ve never liked using Q-Tips. My mom pushed one too far into my ear when I was little, and the memory of that pain has stuck with me my entire life.

Well, recently, after years of putting it off, I finally tried using Q-Tips. I had to work up to it, but I finally used them. I have just one thing to say about that: Wrong Move!

Turns out, Q-Tips aren’t that great for actually removing the earwax from your ear. Instead, they just push it further in, packing it until it’s hardened and blocking your ear canal. Well, guess what happened to me?

That’s right, the earwax became so packed, I started having hearing problems! That’s great, to avoid something for almost 50 years, only to have it cause even worse problems when you finally do use it!

And, that’s not the only thing I was afraid of, either. In fact, I visited my doctor about the blockage, and he told me that there have been studies linking earwax buildup to dementia.

“The excessive amount of earwax can cause hearing loss or ringing in your ears. Some people experience vertigo, which increases the risk of falling. Right now, we see some correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline and dementia.”

What? How? I couldn’t believe it…

Apparently, since the inner ear is responsible for such important things as balance and hearing, the brain becomes overtaxed when trying to compensate for impacted eardrums. Now, this really hit home…

It hit home because my mother has been struggling with dementia for the past few years, and it’s been painful for the whole family.

My doctor told me that it’s especially important for the elderly to have earwax removed regularly. Too often, though, earwax in the elderly goes unnoticed, but its one of the most common reasons people have hearing-related problems.

I look at my own kids, and think that there’s no way I would ever want to do that to them. So, I asked the doctor what my options were. And, it turns out, they were kind of limited…

Basically, he recommended that I try one of those ear-cleaning kits, with the saline water that you pump into your ears. The trouble was, I’d already tried that!

In fact, I’d already tried everything! Sprays, pumps, Q-Tips, but nothing was helping with the impacted earwax. So, I asked the doctor if he could do anything. Well, it turned out he could, but at a cost…

You see, since it was considered an elective procedure, my insurance wouldn’t cover it. So, I’d have to pay hundred out of my own pocket. Well, I don’t just have that kind of money laying around. And, it’s silly, but I was nearly in tears talking to the doctor as it seemed like my options had run out. Well, then something amazing happened…

My doctor, empathizing with my situation, told me about these things called Klean Ears. Instead of pushing the wax into the inner ear, like a Q-Tip, they grip it and pull it out.

I couldn’t believe it. These Klean Ears sounded like exactly what I needed. But, I wanted to do a little more research.

What are Klean Ears?

Turns out, they’re basically the ideal solution for removing ear wax. I did look at my box of Q-Tips when I got home, and my doctor was right—It says right there on the box, “Do Not Insert Into Ear Canal.” When you’re using Q-Tips, you’re just pushing the wax further into the ear, creating more blockage. They can even cause ear infections.

But the Klean Ears are actually designed for ear wax removal. They work like a soft corkscrew. You just twist the flexible, soft ends into the ear and then pull the wax out. And, when you’re done, the disposable head pops off and into the garbage can with the press of a button.

And, my favorite part is: They don’t go too far into the ear. They’re designed so they won’t cause any damage or irritation.

Everybody Seems To Be Getting In On This Trend

Ever since Klean Ears have been introduced, more and more people have been ditching their old cotton swabs and choosing a better way to clean your ears. That’s because, even though they knew using old cotton swabs was just compacting the wax and making the problem worse, it was the only thing to do…

But now, people are switching over to the innovative product that grips and pulls the earwax right out of your ear.

Millions of people are avoiding hearing ear blockage, hearing loss and infection simply by switching over to Klean Ears…

But… Is it Really Worth All This Hype?

Since its debut, Klean Ears has been SELLING OUT just about as soon as it gets in stock… it’s become that popular.

And, this is all due to the amazing reviews and people sharing on social media, because it hasn’t even been advertised to the public yet! It’s all because of word of mouth…

Klean Ears has easily developed a cult following. Here are some customer reviews:

“I have a bad habit to pick the ear wax every two or three days with cotton swabs. Though I know it is bad, I can’t control myself. When I feel aches inside my ears, I do it. When I bought this cute set of ear wax remover, Klean Ears is professional, durable and easy to clean. They are what I am looking for.”

– Harold Torres

“I’m a musician and sometime my ears clog up with wax and I can’t hear the monitors or use earbuds. For years I’ve been trying liquid solutions, laying on the bed upside down. This Klean Ears removed it within seconds. It doesn’t go as deep as my doctor does when he can see inside… but it pulls it out within it’s safe area and it soft and painless. Great idea that works!”

– Frank Jackson

“The silicone tips are soft and do not hurt my ears, just the right size to do the job and I was able to get quite a lot earwax out without getting too far and injuring my eardrum, or even poking the wax farther into my ear. Will recommmend this ear cleaner to my family and friends.”

– Dorothy Collins

“I got these for my dad, who has excessive ear wax and is starting to show some signs of dementia. He has said he feels much more comfortable after using it and I can definitely tell that his hearing and awareness has improved.”

– Tina Cooper

I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on the effectiveness of Klean Ears, so I spoke with ear, nose and throat doctor, Dr. Richard Osborn, to see if the hype was justified. Here’s his take:

“Most people don’t know that the way we were all taught to clean our ears growing up is wrong. Because they see some wax on their cotton swab, they think they’re getting it out of the ear. But, this is actually wrong. What’s really happening is they’re pushing the wax further into the ear, which can cause discomfort, hearing loss, infection or a ringing sensation in the ear.

Klean Ears is the best product I’ve seen that safely and effectively removes the bulk of the earwax without causing any damage. I recommend it to all my patients because, quite simply, it’s the best ear cleaning tool you can use, period.

– Dr. Richard Osborn, Otolaryngologist

After Dr. Osborn’s endorsement, I was sold and needed to get Klean Ears for myself and my mother.

I went to their official website (Klean Ears aren’t sold in stores yet) and ordered one. (They currently have a buy 1 get 1 free deal, so it was perfect!)

(Warning: Do not order Klean Ears from amazon or any other website besides the official website. There are many fake websites and fake amazon sellers pretending to sell an inferior knock-off version of Klean Ears. The official website is the ONLY place to buy Klean Ears, it is not sold anywhere else.)

A couple days later, it was waiting for me in the mail.

The Klean Ears worked so smoothly. I just twisted it right into my ear and the next thing I knew, a MASSIVE chunk of earwax came out. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this thing must have been accumulating in my ear for 50 years! As soon as I removed the earwax, it felt like I could hear for miles in crystal-clear high resolution audio.

(And, I have to be honest with you, I did get some enjoyment out of it. It’s like how some people like popping pimples, I guess. It felt amazing to get all that stuff out…)

Warning: This is gross, but if you’re brave or curious, here’s the massive chunk of earwax that the Klean Ears was able to remove from my ear.

But the greatest reward was seeing what happened when my mother used it. The difference before and after was night and day. Finally, she could hear again! There was no ringing in her ear, and she said it didn’t feel like the world was being muffled! For the first time in a while, she didn’t have to struggle to hear the birds outside!

Not only did it improve her hearing, but over the course of the next few days, I could see an almost immediate impact on how her mind and memory seemed to be sharper and more alert. Who knew that something as simple as cleaning out earwax could have such a profound improvement on my mother’s hearing and memory!

Now, how much does it cost? Is it worth the price?

Klean Ears currently sell for $40. At first, I thought the price was a bit steep. I mean, $40 for an ear cleaner? But, after seeing how well it worked with my mother and then using it for myself, I’ve completely changed my tune…

First of all, these things clean my ear better than any cotton swabs I’ve ever used. I was actually surprised by how much wax I pulled out of my own ear! But, it turns out, I had only ever just been pushing the wax further in when using cotton swabs…

Plus, I’ve had tinnitus for the past few years. You know, it’s a constant ringing in your ears. Very annoying. Well, after using the Klean Ears, I no longer have that annoying ringing! So, not only do I feel like a kid again, but Klean Ears actually improved my hearing!

But most of all, the positive effect that it’s had on my elderly mom made the investment in Klean Ears worth it a million times over. You can’t put a price on helping your loved ones, but if I had to, I would have spent my life savings just to see the benefits my mother has gotten from using Klean Ears.

When you take all of that into consideration, the $40 is absolutely well worth the price.

Klean Ears’ website is currently offering a 2-for-1 deal.

Klean Ears’ official website is doing a buy one get one sale for the next 24 hours. After seeing that, I have to let you know, that everybody who uses Q-Tips should immediately toss them in the garbage and order the Klean Ears, they’re just that good. Take it from me, using them is one of the best feelings in the world.



Laura Sylvia
Thanks. I will definitely buy for myself & my kids. God bless u.
Like · Reply · 24 · 6 HOURS AGO
Paul Bryant
Great device but it is also a good idea to stay off your cell phone when walking across a dark parking deck. You really need to be aware of what is going on around you.
Like · Reply · 18 · 14 HOURS AGO
Wilma Kingsleigh
This would be perfect for my mom! shes a senior citizen (67 years old) and doesn't always feel safe walking around by herfself. plus, she can use it to call for help in case she ever falls down
Like · Reply · 36 · 22 HOURS AGO
Gladys Stanford
I ordered a dozen. gave one to a co-worker, a few days later she used it. The alarm. Scared the man and he took off the other way. It’ was
Like · Reply · 22 · 2 DAYS AGO
Brent Wallace
For those of you who dont know how loud this thing is...Here are some references to compare to: A lawnmower is about 90 decibels. A jackhammer is 100 decibels. A live rock music show is roughly 110 decibels. A chain saw or a thunderclap are about 120 decibels. A military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier (50 feet away) is 130 decibels. 150 decibels will rupture one's eardrums.
Like · Reply · 72 · 4 DAYS AGO
Clay Matthew Pirtle
My daughter was heading off on a college co-op to Ohio and I wanted her to have an additional personal protection device. She has pepper spray but, as a dad, I was still concerned. Bought this Safe Personal Alarm and wondered if it would really be loud. It is! It's a "grenade" style device whereby you pull the pin to activate it. The pin requires a fairly firm tug, which helps reduce the chance of accidentally triggering it. If you choose to test it indoors--which you probably will--be ready to plug the pin back in quickly because it is that loud. The idea is that once you've pulled it off your key chain, it will continue to sound and an attacker won't be able to turn it off. It's about the size of car entry fob. I hope my daughter will never have to use it, but if she does, I feel confident that this little thing will do its job in scaring away an attacker.
Like · Reply · 43 · 5 DAYS AGO
Mandy Simmons
I have to admit... I am guilty of thinking that "it will never happen to me" but after reading this, I decided to pull the trigger and I ended up buying 5 personal alarms... one for myself, and planning to give the others to my sister and friends.
Like · Reply · 32 · 6 DAYS AGO
June Zukowski Spelman
Bought 8 and gave them to sisters, daughters, nieces and grand nieces and one for me. They really appreciated this safety gift.
Like · Reply · 38 · 7 DAYS AGO
Roxi Overo
Is the alarm re-usable or can you only use it once?
Like · Reply · 84 · 7 DAYS AGO
Cheryl Rackers
You can use it over and over again as many times as you want. You just pull the chain away from the body to sound the alarm, and then push it back in to turn it off. It’s super easy to use, I really like it.
Like · Reply · 55 · 11 HOURS AGO