Earwax, of all things, poses serious risk for hearing loss and cognitive decline. (Here’s what you need to do…)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 | By Amy Johnson

We think that we can’t stop aging.

That losing our minds and health are an inevitable result of aging.

But here’s a secret: it’s not!

I used to think there was no way to keep my brain sharp myself. I was like a passenger in a car, watching in slow motion as the driver drove us off a cliff.

Only the car was my brain and the cliff was my memory.

Losing my keys, forgetting dates, it all seemed harmless at first. I didn’t make the connection when my hearing seemed to be going at the same time.

Ear infections, excess earwax, brain fog – who knew there was a connection between the way I was incorrectly cleaning my ears and my brain’s health?

Eventually, I got hearing aids, but they seemed to make my hearing and my brain go downhill faster. Earwax built up in my ear like a dam.

No matter how much I tried to clean them or how fast I cleaned, I couldn’t keep up with the buildup.

Q-tips, water, vinegar, olive oil, I tried every home remedy I could find on ear wax removal and then I moved on and tried every item I could find in the drug store to remove my wax.

It made it hard to focus too when I was with my son and grandson, Mark. Unfortunately, it seemed Mark had inherited bad ears from me because he was always getting ear infections.

My son said, “Mom, did ya hear what I said?”

“What? Sorry,” I replied.

“Go to an audiologist!” he shouted.

“I already did,” I explained.

“Get a second opinion!” he shouted, “Please! I hate to see ya miserable like this.”

Reluctantly, I scheduled an appointment with a different doctor than I am used to. A doctor who specializes in brain-function and hearing.

I walked into the doctor’s office and was surprised – it was unlike any other doctor office I had ever seen. Instead of being sterile and clinical, it was warm and inviting. There was a plush leather armchair and sofa – it seemed more like someone’s home than an office.

The secretary immediately offered me tea, still water, or sparkling water. I was amazed! Was this the kind of Stanford-educated doctor wealthy people regularly see?

Dr.Tomas listened carefully as I explained earwax problem and mentioned how my grandson gets terrible ear-infections too. He nodded, paying attention the whole time. He didn’t seem like he was in a hurry like most doctors always are.

Finally he said, “Yes, I can see the problem. It is good take care of the problem now because there is a strong connection between earwax buildup and dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

“Really?” I gasped. “How is that possible?”

“Well,” Dr.Tomas explained, “Earwax buildup can cause hearing loss, ear infections, inflammation and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as disorientation of the inner-ear, which controls our balance. That can lead to vertigo, falls, and increase the cognitive load on the brain which makes it more difficult for the brain to function normally and can lead to cognitive decline.”

“Earwax buildup is often cause by impacted eardrums which is often caused by q-tips. Q-tips don’t actually clean out ears but actually just push the earwax deeper into ears causing impacted earwax and other problems.”

I was terrified! “What can I do about it then, doctor?” I asked. It was a nightmare to lose my memory and my sense of self…

“I have two options for solutions. One, I can give a referral to an audiologist who will manually take tools and soften and remove the earwax from the ears.

“The procedure costs about $250 out of pocket, and needs to be done every 3 months.”

I felt my stomach drop. There was no way I could afford that, “What’s the other option?” I said.

The doctor kindly smiled, “The other option is preferable because it is cheaper, and for people who have frequent earwax build-up, it just isn’t practical to visit an audiologist every 2 months years.

“Instead, I would recommend getting a Klean Ears. It is an extremely affordable medical-grade ear-wax remover that is safe to use on all kinds of ears—it is even gentle enough for children.”

“If it safer and more effective than removing ear-wax than just about anything on the market.

“It is sold online, so it is pretty convenient to get too.”

I pulled the Klean Ears up on my phone, then stared at the doctor skeptically, “I’ve already tried this product!” I told him.

Dr.Tomas frowned, “I doubt it. Anyone who has tried Klean Ears probably wouldn’t be in my office right now! It is possible that you tried a cheap knock-off version though. For a while, a lot of scammers were trying to sell a less effective version and pass it off as the real thing.”

I looked up the reviews for Klean Ears as soon as I got home.

And I was amazed by what I found, here’s what it said:

What is the Klean Ears?

It’s a safe, easy-to-use earwax remover. It gently glides into the ear and scoops out excess earwax with it’s soft, spiral tip. The entire motion takes no more than 5 seconds to do, and it keeps the ears clean for up to an entire month!

Not only does Klean Ears clean quickly, but it’s also safer to use than things like cotton swabs or ear candles.

So, how does it work?

The various tips that come included with every Klean Ears purchase were specially designed to fit into ear canals of all shapes and sizes. The main purpose of this simple device – removing earwax buildups. The grooves on the end of each tip “catch” the earwax with a single twisting motion.

After just a few weeks of using Klean Ears, people report feeling more mental clarity, reduced achiness, and of course a heightened sense of hearing. 

The secret? Well it’s simple. The less earwax clogging the ear, the less our brains have to work to interpret sounds or recall information. This is especially common in older people as they tend to produce more earwax.

Quickly clear earwax and promote better ear hygiene:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Safer than Q-tips
  • Re-usable

The great news is it’s 100% backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

But, you might be thinking, is it really worth the hype?

Well, so far, the Klean Ears has sold over 10 million units! These orders have been directly to consumers, even without taking the easy route of selling in stores!

The Klean Ears has actually been SELLING OUT every time there is a new stock available!

It’s become, THAT, popular.

It’s all from word of mouth. Because people just like you or me, are loving it so much that the reviews alone, are letting people know about it!

Klean Ears has actually started to develop a sort of cult following. With over 14,000 of it’s verified customers reviewing with 5-Stars, look what they’re saying:

Seriously, I’ll never be without this

I always felt like my ears were clogged up. My husband just thought I couldn’t hear anything to begin with. Luckily, I came across the Klean Ears and decided to give it a shot and WOW did it work like a charm!

– Sam Hunt, Texas

One of my best purchases this year

LOVE this thing! I can’t believe how good it actually feels compared to q-tips or gross earwax candles. This thing has saved me AT LEAST two to three trips to the doctor for professional draining.

– Linda Francis, Colorado

Does the job… literally.

My dad seemed to be losing his mind, so a friend recommended he clean his ears regularly with one of these. Within a month, the difference in his cognitive ability was clear as day. It’s refreshing to see him get back to his old ways. Thanks Klean Ears!

– Jess Winters, Florida

It was so cheap, I really thought it might be a scam!

I had trouble believing something so affordable would work so well when I had spent so much money on bad products, but I trusted Dr.Tomas so I eagerly bought it.

When it arrived, I easily cleaned out my ear without hesitation or even looking at the instructions. It felt AMAZING!

More garbage came out of my ear than I even realized could fit in the canals.

The stuffed feeling was finally gone, the ringing in my ears was finally gone, and I could hear properly for the first time in months!

Excitedly, I called my son. “I’ve finally got a solution to my ear infections and Mark’s ear infections!”

Little Mark was very reluctant to let me anywhere near his ears, but finally agreed when I bribed him by saying I would give him candy after.

As I used the Klean Ears in his ear, the funniest thing happened – he got more and more relaxed! He was like a dog who’s belly is being rubbed. With one final twist, I got the rest of the earwax out and found something that made me cringe and swear I would never go back to q-tips again… a piece of cotton was what had been stopping up Mark’s ears this whole time!

Cleaning his ears with q-tips had really hurt Mark!

The Klean Ears on the other hand? My grandson loves it. He finds it super relaxing, and I do too!

Best of all, it is reusable, and it comes with replaceable heads so it lasts quite a long time.

Klean Ears is a smart choice for anyone and everyone who has ever cleaned their ears and wants to avoid the danger of other cleaning methods – not to mention take care of their hearing!

I’d especially recommend it to other seniors like me who want to remain sharp well into their old age!

The Klean Ears is definitely the best money I’ve spent this year – and it saved me thousands too by not having to go to specialists ever again!

Now, how much does it cost? Is it worth the price?

The Klean Ears currently sells for $20. At first, I thought the price was a bit steep. I mean, $20 for an ear cleaner? But, after seeing how well it worked with my mother and then using it for myself, I’ve completely changed my tune…

First of all, these things clean my ear better than any cotton swabs I’ve ever used. I was actually surprised by how much wax I pulled out of my own ear! But, it turns out, I had only ever just been pushing the wax further in when using cotton swabs…

Plus, I’ve had tinnitus for the past few years. You know, it’s a constant ringing in your ears. Very annoying. Well, after using the Klean Ears , I no longer have that annoying ringing! So, not only do I feel like a kid again, but The Klean Ears actually improved my hearing!

But most of all, the positive effect that it’s had on my elderly mom the investment in The Klean Ears is worth it a million times over. You can’t put a price on helping your loved ones, but if I had to, I would have spent my life savings just to see the benefits my mother has gotten from using The Klean Ears.

When you take all of that into consideration, the $20 is absolutely well worth the price.

The Klean Ears website is currently offering a 2-for-1 deal.

The Klean Ears official website is doing a buy one get one sale for the next 24 hours. After seeing that, I have to let you know, that everybody who uses The Klean Ears should immediately toss them in the garbage and order The Klean Ears, they’re just that good. Take it from me, using them is one of the best feelings in the world.

To see if they are still available and in stock, click on the button below.

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Georgeann Genna

I swear I pull out at least a few pounds of earwax every other day with this thing. Can't believe how much builds up in there

Like · Reply · 38 · 18 Minutes

Erika Medie

I've dealt with excess earwax all my life. I'm someone who's 'blessed' to have high earwax production. This thing is one of the best investments I could've ever made into my ear hygiene. Thanks Klean Ears!

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Clay Matthew Pirtle

Showed up within a few days of ordering, felt pretty good compared to other cleaning methods I've tried. Would recommend

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Cheryl Rackers

I ordered a couple of these to try for the family. They all love them, and sometimes we even have a contest to see who can pull out the most earwax XD

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Martin Fraley

My ears haven't felt this good in years!

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Laura Sylvia

This actually works, and its way better than using those q-tips. Those things will only push earwax further down the ear

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Betty Sylvester

Came highly recommended to me by a friend! Absolutely love it

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Ashley Anita

It was actually surprising how much earwax I found inside my ears. Thanks to this device I can finally sleep easy knowing my ears are always clean!

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Brad Morgan

Helped me get my hearing back in no time!

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